About Natalie

Hi! If you’re listening to this podcast, you’re going to get to know me pretty well, so here’s a crash course.

I’m a twentysomething who spent four years studying radio broadcast and graduated with no desire to do radio. Classic millennial dilemma, I know. But here I am with all of this audio production knowledge and a love of my own voice, so why waste it?

As you’ll learn on the show, I spent much of my youth (ugh, am I old?) dead set on becoming a National Park ranger. Needless to say, things didn’t go as planned, but the desire to be an environmentally responsible citizen and an advocate for the natural world hasn’t subsided. I’ve just found a different route, I suppose. Still kinda want to quit all of my jobs and be a park ranger, but I’m far too out of shape for that kind of work at the moment.

Some additional fun facts:

  • I own the entirety of M*A*S*H on DVD and I met Alan Alda last year at a reading of his new book and he signed my copy????
  • My fat cat Ellie is the light of my life.
  • My personal library contains most published biographies of Walt Disney and I have read all but the really big one (I’m over half-way done with it though).
  • I’m weirdly obsessed with lighthouses and I want to visit all of them. My favorite lighthouse is pictured above.

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